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Skull Wars......

check out this sweet movie coming to a theater near you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Support Local Music Scene

In the next couple of months a few things are happening that I am really excited about. The first being thursday night, with the Royal Bangs playing the pilot light with Drummer. If you have never seen the royal bangs, let me tell you...they are great. They put on a show unlike most bands that I see, and I see a fair amount of music. I would love for all of you to be there in the pit next to me on thursday night, and I really want you all to come. The show is high-energy, beeping sounds, and flashing lights, and great music. So that is the first. Next thursday is Port O'Brien at the pilot light. It is one dude who grew up super rich and lived on a fishing boat with his family in alaska for fun. so most of his stuff is really good. I will be at that show. That weekend, friday 23-25 is a James Agee festival. Agee was a knoxville born author who was an incredible writer in: fiction, journalism, poetry, and screen writing. Some of his films are playing at various locations around town. That saturday, oct 24, is also an event that I can't get into but some of you may be interested in, YAZOO brewery are having YAZOO night at preservation pub in market square so you can get their delicious beers. On Nov. 4th in nashville the whigs and the features are playing a joint show at the cannery ballroom. Both are awesome.
I will be at most of these, all but the beer one, and I would love for you all to join me.

Thursday Oct. 15 Royal Bangs w/drummer at the pilot light $8 10pm *It would be a good idea to get there early for this one.
Thursday Oct. 22 Port O'Brien @ the pilot light $5 10 pm
Friday Oct. 23- Sunday Oct. 25 various James Agee to-do's, including Night of the hunter at the Bijou.
Saturday Oct. 24 YAZOO night @ Preservation Pub in Market Square

Friday, October 9, 2009

nobel peace prize winning antichrist?

So, I woke up to work on my speech for today, and Bing walks into my room to tell me that Obama has won the nobel peace prize. dang, that's some news. So since then I have seen a whole lot of facebook status' that are, all from christians calling the nobel peace prize committee stupid or calling obama the antichrist. what do y'all think about all of this?

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i prefer.......

if you don't catch it, watch it again. the end is a little loud.