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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Humbled to Be an American

Here's a man I would vote for to be president. Quite possibly the best American rocker ever. The Boss has been around forever, yet he is still kickin' it American style on his new album that was released today. Regardless of your political beliefs or anti-Obama-ness, this is good music. Bruce has always represented the scrappy shout of the working-class American people, and that hoarse voice backed by Max Weinberg's tasty beats is just as relevant in today's America as ever. The Rolling Stone had THIS to say about it. The best since Born to Run? I don't know yet because I haven't listened to it all. Who is gonna buy it so I can be a cheapo and burn it in honor of the struggling working class?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shine On Me

Rarely have I seen a music video that is so shocking that I have to stop what I am doing and watch it twice. Holy crap.

Mark Gormley - Intense Rock Music

This man is one of the most intense rockers I have seen in the past few years. The music video starts at 0:28. Make sure and turn up your speakers.

Also this: Hep Hep
"The first half of "hip hip hooray" is adapted from "hep hep," an old German shepherds' herding cry. That is, actual shepherds from Germany. Not the dogs.

Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Well, it was, up until around 1819, when the citizens of Germany and other neighboring countries began using it as their rallying cry while going Hebrew-hunting in the Jewish ghettos. So keep that in mind next time you're trying to come up with an appropriate cheer at your cousin's Bar Mitzvah."

The Greatest Movie EVER

As Miller and I grew up in the Great plains of Grassland, we had many wonderful childhood
memories, and maybe the greatest was RED DAWN, playing cowboys and "Native Americans"
and dodging paintballs from our brothers. Plus so many more good times. But this shirt is awesome thats all I really wanted to say. Oh and I love you Patrick Sways

Friday, January 23, 2009

To be or not to be..............Tortured

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you too cool for Switchfoot?

If so, you suck. But you may like this, Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman has teamed up with Nickel Creek's guitarist Sean Watkins. I haven't listened to the entire album yet but from what I've heard on iTunes it sounds pretty amazing. They even perform a cover of The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love," on the bonus iTunes album. They're doing a show at the Belcourt next friday by the way. Anyways I hope this gets some of you more indie obsessed jokers into the goodness that is Jon Foreman music, check out his solo albums (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) and obviously some good ole' Switchfoot if you aren't too smug for it. Click the photo to go to their website.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the best

I thought some of you might think this link was pretty cool, especially those of you who have been bigger Beatles fans for longer than me, (Farley). Anyways reading this further proves to me that they are the best. I'm not going to try to say something awesome or elegant because I wouldn't do them justice.


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Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on Patriotism and Our New President.

Barring some catastrophic event in the next eighteen hours or so, the man to the left is going to be sworn in as the President of the United States of America before lunch time tomorrow. I know there are people out there secretly hoping for that catastrophic event to happen, but, as for me, I am feeling more patriotic than I have since Adam Thomas's 'Bible' class.

Conservatives and liberals alike agree that America is in trouble. The problem is that each side sees the other as the cause of the problem. Now, I know most of you know where I stand politically, which is left of left, but I don't want to tout my agenda now. I also don't want to get emotional and say how proud I am to have a black president. It's almost a bit racist, isn't it? First of all, he's half black and half white. But, somehow, his blackness wins out. I think that says something about how we, as a culture, perceive race. I'm sure its quite harmless, merely a backlash from hundreds of years of racism and oppression in North America, but Barack Obama's blackness is not going to save America.

For most of us, the big political issues on our minds are the economy and the wars. Division occurs over how to handle these huge issues facing us, as a nation. The last thing I want to do is plead for you guys to fall in behind the President and support him. Firstly, that would be enormously hypocritical of me. Secondly, think for yourself. And speak up. Robert and I obviously disagree on most political issues, but I love being able to read his thoughts on the issues. If I were to disagree with a friend over one matter, it doesn't mean I'm no longer his friend. The same is true when it comes to patriotism. I strongly disagree with the wars we're involved in, our foreign policy in general, and the Supreme Court's stance on abortion, but voicing these concerns makes me no less a patriot.

I can't explain why I wrote this post. I know its disconnected and poorly written. I guess I had a quick burst of patriotism. It's been happening more and more in the past few months and I hope I continue to feel that way. I want to leave you with the mind-bogglingly blasphemous image above as food for thought. But I also want to say that now, as I am homesick and living in a foreign country and preparing to watch Barack Obama be sworn in as President tomorrow, I am excited about the future and I am proud of my country.

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jean claude van damme

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Support Local Music

last night I went to a show. it was at the square room in market square (if you haven't been there go now. it is: a restaurant, coffee shop, and music venue. really nice). Tenderhooks and The Royal Bangs. the Tenderhooks were mediocre. look at their myspace if you wish. Daniel you might like it, but it was not my cup o' tea. then The Royal Bangs took the stage. it was tremendous. their set was electrifying. loud thumping beats, I know the drummer, Chris Rusk (Royal Bangs, Dixie Dirt, The Cheat) and he is an animal on the drums. so, loud funky beats with fat bass and great melodic vocals, shredding double guitars. The lead singer, Sam Stratton, sang with a style and demeanor evocative of Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav ). needless to say that it was a great show. all of this is to say, art is worthwhile. there are artists everywhere, not all are good at what they do. however, all need support. go to local shows, go to museums (knoxville museum of art is free for all of 2009), go to plays. support local economy. as robert said, get off your ass and go do something. stimulate our economy, grassroots style. next Royal Bangs show should be packed. they are by far the best band in knoxville.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground

In response to Justin's post, I'd like to share why his idea is so exciting to me.
I don't really want to expand on a point that I'm quite sure that everyone reading this blog knows, understands, and agrees with, so I will try to make this brief. Over the past three decades the world (America, to some) has seen apathy skyrocket while intentionality was beaten down like a three-legged dog. Just a year ago, America invested more in creature comforts than ever before in history. Retail spending was growing exponentially faster than the population, and the mega-stores were raking in the dough--too bad the buyer didn't have the money to back it up. Now we have hit another recession, and it appears that history will repeat itself. We saw mild recessions in the 70's and 80's. The buyers got wise, and we recovered--that's it.
The point of all this is that increasingly the the average American has become spineless. There is no sense of urgency to take risks--no reason to pursue and help acquire change. Obviously, with a credit card in our hands, we can have whatever we want whenever we want, right? WRONG. Get the Hell off your couch and make some money. Contribute, get educated, read books, research quantum Physics and help Gorman create the most efficient damn windmill this country has ever seen. This is why I will do whatever I can to help Miller. Its sad to me that it takes a politician to tell a nation that they need change. I only hope they understand that it starts from the roots up.


Just a little food for thought

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


ok so these aren't that funny but i thought I would pay tribute to a couple of my best buds

Monday, January 12, 2009


I have made an extraordinary discovery. My friend William 
Farley is in fact a direct descendant of this Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis of the Cromagnon Era (circa 33,000 BC). The last living descendant it would seem. Just observe this photo evidence and compare the two beings. Notice the unruly, splotchy hair, the squinty eyes signifying bad vision, the neglect and hatred of clothing. Of all the imperical, scientific evidence, the barrel chest depicted in this photo is clearly the most convincing link between the two Sapiens. During the Cromagnon period, the barrel chest was useful for taking long, deep breaths while on exhausting dinosaur hunts. Farley, on the other hand, uses this Darwinistic attribute for his own recreation, smoking fine pipe weed and resting his laptop upon it. As you can see my friends, the proof is overwhelming. 

Note: Farley this is not meant as a rip. You are a great man and I just couldn't help noticing the similarities between you and our ancestors. 

Rob's Predictions for 2009 Oscars

Although the nominations won't be announced until next Thursday, and the actual Oscar night isn't until February 22nd, I just can't help being a jerk and giving a few predictions. I know most people think these awards shows are just politics-driven rubbish. After all, the Academy doesn't always get things right (I doubt Gran Torino will get many, if any, nominations). But it's the Super Bowl for movies, and the team that wins the Super Bowl isn't necessarily the best team in the NFL. It just looks that way. 

* Best Picture --- Revolutionary Road
* Actor ---- Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler
*  Actress --- Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road
* Supporting Actor --- Heath Ledger
* Supporting Actress--- Penelope Cruz for Vicky Christina Barcelona
* Best Director--- Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire

Party at my place

Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you consider yourself my friend, read this.

In lieu of Farley's inspirational post, I have a proposal: Join me my friends in a quest to be heard by the helpless, those who long for adventure and substance in this mechanical world. You've probably heard me talk about my idea to start an outdoors focused publication on the UTK campus (think The Hangover sans slutty bartenders and doggy-style references.) and you've probably thought: Miller thats a sweet idea but you still suck and that sounds impossible and it'll never happen, and you're right about one thing. i do suck, but seriously i can't do it on my own, and I really want to atleast try to pull it off. I think it would be cool if it was more than just articles about hiking trails, survival tips, and new outdoor equipment. I would want Farley to contribute articles about new cool music, shows in town, or books no one has even heard of. I would want Rob to review new and old movies people wouldn't normally hear about, from someone who is their age and actually knows about film. I would want Bing to document his travels to awesome places in Europe, and even toot his political prowess horn. Think about how cool it would be if everyone on campus read what we were thinking about while they sat in a boring lecture class. If we mix all that together (outdoor adventure, books, movies, music, politics, humor, slack-lining!) people would eat that up faster than Farley devours honey mustard. I know its ambitious but atleast consider it and tell me what you think. We may not be able to get it going this semester, but I say we get on the ball and try to, if not then we'll have everything set for a Fall semester launch. Basically it would be little blurbs like you guys have posted, just on actual paper, but the outdoors would be on the forefront to attract all the mountain hardwear, chaco wearing people that make up a huge portion of the campus. Seriously, when you're walking to class look around and see how many people fit the type that would love our stuff, its ridiculous. Figuring out the logistics would be tough (design, buying and printing, advertisements, placement around campus.) I would bear the brunt of the crappy work since you guys have other stuff going on and it was my stupid idea in the first place. But with all the people we know I think it could take off pretty quick. Ben knows a shit-ton about graphic design and all that good stuff, and I don't think it would be super expensive if we got them printed at a local press or whatever, we would just start out with a double sided page probably, but if it was popular local restaurants and outdoor stores would pay us to put ads in there and eventually we could even make profit. who knows? I just think it would be a good experience. If we put the effort in by taking a little time away from facebook we could totally do it. Let me know if I'm stupid, but if you think its a good idea and you are serious about it you know where to find me. We need to spread the word, I want all the bueys in on this.

Woe to you technology age.

Recently I have been thinking about what I do. I wake up take a hot shower (warm to cold if rob has already taken one), check my email, look at a few music blogs, the news, check facebook, drive my car to school, look at headache inducing teacher slideshows, come home and check more blogs, see if anything has changed on facebook, etc... what I am trying to say is that everything is so easy. last week I read Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut. it was a book about how machines take over the jobs of the working class, almost a 1984 feel to it, but it is an interesting book nonetheless. technology for technologies own sake. as you should all know, I love Tolkien. I always have, hopefully always will. his was the first book that I loved, and he was the one who I have read most thoroughly and most often. Tolkien was a strong advocate of halting technological advancements. he felt that technology was unsustainable. he lamented the loss of nature. that I know that at least bing can agree with, seeing as I have had conversations with you recently about mountain top removal. I guess what I really mean by all of this is that we are so comfortable with where we are. nothing is difficult. life (particularly american) is too easy. that is why most of us are apathetic cynical assholes. this article: "" is what prompted me to think about this, and fear a 1984, Player Piano, Brave New World type culture. the loss of art and creativity seems imminent.

tryin' be a hero!

It's time to bring some man into this limp blog. And don't act all, ohhhh Miller thinks he's a tough guy some big clint eastwood shit. AKA i have nothing interesting, thought provoking, brain picking to post at this moment.

Deerhunter: Distortion for the Soul

Think of Explosions in the Sky with dabs of psychedelic ambiance and mix that with copious amounts of distortion and you get Deerhunter. The eerie vocals repeating in the distant background can be confusing at times, but Deerhunter's bold melodies keep the curious listener glad they didn't hit the "next" button. The effects used by this band are not unfamiliar, but the way they use them can be frightening at times. That is a good thing. While the average listener may be hasty to reject Deerhunter as just noise rock, people who absorb Cryptograms and Microcastle will not be disappointed. Check them out:

Monday, January 5, 2009


Recently mashups featuring jay-z have popped up everywhere: The Grey Album by Danger Mouse, Girl Talk, and numerous others. Finally the mashup that we have all been waiting for: Jaydiohead. Stupid mashup name, awesome results. link here with numerous zip and torrent links.