Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground

In response to Justin's post, I'd like to share why his idea is so exciting to me.
I don't really want to expand on a point that I'm quite sure that everyone reading this blog knows, understands, and agrees with, so I will try to make this brief. Over the past three decades the world (America, to some) has seen apathy skyrocket while intentionality was beaten down like a three-legged dog. Just a year ago, America invested more in creature comforts than ever before in history. Retail spending was growing exponentially faster than the population, and the mega-stores were raking in the dough--too bad the buyer didn't have the money to back it up. Now we have hit another recession, and it appears that history will repeat itself. We saw mild recessions in the 70's and 80's. The buyers got wise, and we recovered--that's it.
The point of all this is that increasingly the the average American has become spineless. There is no sense of urgency to take risks--no reason to pursue and help acquire change. Obviously, with a credit card in our hands, we can have whatever we want whenever we want, right? WRONG. Get the Hell off your couch and make some money. Contribute, get educated, read books, research quantum Physics and help Gorman create the most efficient damn windmill this country has ever seen. This is why I will do whatever I can to help Miller. Its sad to me that it takes a politician to tell a nation that they need change. I only hope they understand that it starts from the roots up.



  1. this should be in a "Wise weighs in" section. opinion section, like O'reily but with out all the bullshit.

  2. So, then, how is it anything like O'Reilly?