Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deerhunter: Distortion for the Soul

Think of Explosions in the Sky with dabs of psychedelic ambiance and mix that with copious amounts of distortion and you get Deerhunter. The eerie vocals repeating in the distant background can be confusing at times, but Deerhunter's bold melodies keep the curious listener glad they didn't hit the "next" button. The effects used by this band are not unfamiliar, but the way they use them can be frightening at times. That is a good thing. While the average listener may be hasty to reject Deerhunter as just noise rock, people who absorb Cryptograms and Microcastle will not be disappointed. Check them out:


  1. Cantwell, at your recommendation, I have purchased this album. Farley's endorsement alone was not enough. Not nearly enough.