Sunday, January 11, 2009

Woe to you technology age.

Recently I have been thinking about what I do. I wake up take a hot shower (warm to cold if rob has already taken one), check my email, look at a few music blogs, the news, check facebook, drive my car to school, look at headache inducing teacher slideshows, come home and check more blogs, see if anything has changed on facebook, etc... what I am trying to say is that everything is so easy. last week I read Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut. it was a book about how machines take over the jobs of the working class, almost a 1984 feel to it, but it is an interesting book nonetheless. technology for technologies own sake. as you should all know, I love Tolkien. I always have, hopefully always will. his was the first book that I loved, and he was the one who I have read most thoroughly and most often. Tolkien was a strong advocate of halting technological advancements. he felt that technology was unsustainable. he lamented the loss of nature. that I know that at least bing can agree with, seeing as I have had conversations with you recently about mountain top removal. I guess what I really mean by all of this is that we are so comfortable with where we are. nothing is difficult. life (particularly american) is too easy. that is why most of us are apathetic cynical assholes. this article: "" is what prompted me to think about this, and fear a 1984, Player Piano, Brave New World type culture. the loss of art and creativity seems imminent.


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