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So I know you guys are probably sick of "Ole Miller with his lofty dreams," but I think I've finally found something that is feasible, involves brew, and just might help some people. Sounds like my cup of tea. Or beer. So please if you care about stuff like this read on, if not feel free to move along.

Anyways, most of you have heard my plans of starting a Micro-Brewery, (one akin to Yazoo, Terrapin, and New Belgium). Now I won't get into uber-logistics, but in the past decade or so the Micro-Brewery/Craft Brewery has taken off in America. Think about the impact that it must have on the beer market if a company like Anheuser-Busch feels compelled to release a "better tasting, well crafted," type of beer like Bud Light Wheat.

Seriously, if twenty years ago you told people that college students in 2010 would be spending $10 on a six pack, or 4 to 5 bucks on a draft they would slap you in the ball-sack and call you a commie (and yes I know what inflation is Gorman, but you get the point). If you don't believe me, (Monger) take a look at this article, from I dunno the WALL STREET JOURNAL? its somewhat dated but is interesting nonetheless.

I love Natty as much as the next guy, but I will take good beer over tasteless stuff any day of the week, and I think a large portion of America agrees with me. Don't misunderstand me though, the Microbrewery isn't something super new or something I invented. There are micros all over the place out west and up north, it has recently started to emerge in the southeast, but for the most part its an "untapped" (boom) market around these parts. And If you didnt read the article, which you should, seriously go back and read it, basically it says that beer is a steady business even in tough times "Sales of craft beer, the industry's fastest-growing segment, rose 6% by volume, and dollar sales jumped 10.5% to $6.3 billion, according to the Brewers Association"

Now I know most of you tried my beer and probably thought to yourself, "Mmm, this tastes weird but its OK for a beer made by a jerk, but I better say its awesome." which is ok, and I understand, I would do the same.

Here's the exciting part though; I'm hopefully going to purchase a CO2 apparatus soon, so I can make a batch a week (as opposed to a month), keg it (in smaller kegs called corny kegs), and get ahold of a mini-fridge so have it available for you guys ice cold on draft. Plus I will hopefully have a Pale Ale recipe perfected soon that will taste as good as Yazoo Amarillo or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale etc.

Again, I know most of you have heard this and are yawning by now, but I kinda wanted to flesh out my thoughts in print, so sorry if this seems selfish or self promoting. BTW House is already in on all this with me and having good input and we're pretty serious (as serious as two guys who suck at school and are good at Call of Duty can be) and its not like I'm king and you guys should join my great plan, its more of a communist society, but yeah I'm really hoping for some great political debates on the comments you guys leave on this post. not really. Although I do admire yalls political/ecomonic knowledge so no offense (Bing Gorman Wise).

Back to the plan, after a few years or whatever of this I would get a business license etc. so I could actually sell it, while still doing it somewhat small scale (smaller than micro, like I wouldnt have big tanks like DTGandB or Yazoo), basically catering for events 'cept just beer.

After a few months/years of perfecting a few beers, maybe getting a brewmasters degree, building a reputation, making some contacts, and scratching my balls House and I would put together a real business proposal and aim to get some loans, (scary I know, but all great entrepreneurial conquests don't happen without money and many are started by people who don't have the money themselves, so its more than possible). A successful brewery that has taken off in England, "BrewDog" (Click it) was started by two 24 year old douches who took out a shit ton of loans.

Why are they successful you ask? Well because they presented a product with a new twist that has the x-factor, the steve jobs factor. They're big thing is super high alcoholic content, (41% to be exact) ridiculous I know, but it worked. So many of these breweries see immense success and they're run by a bunch of old farts who don't know what people want, if we could release a new cool beer that had "it," the sky is the limit, just ask Steve Jobs.

I would never dream of making a beer with 41% alcoholic content and that's not my big secret plan. But I have other ideas that I think can work and haven't really been fully taken advantage of by anyone yet. You probably already know most of what my plan is but if you don't or if you want to know more just ask me, seriously I love talkin about this shit.

Anyways at this point in if all goes according to plan in a perfect world we would have a small warehouse in a southeastern city, Nashville, Boone, Brevard, Knoxville, Oxford, ???, and basically be like Yazoo but better and cooler, and Farley could lead the tours and be funnier, jollier, drunker, and beardier than the Yazoo guy. And we'd live happily ever after enjoying free tasty beer and having rockin, fun, philanthropic events all the time.

The whole reason I tell you guys all this is because I love and depend on you as brothers and if you want to help at all, want to tell me I'm a dumbass who is wasting my time, or just want some free beer - I'm cool with any of that. Really though, if you have an idea for a beer name, brewery name, type of beer I should make, weird ingredient I should put in beer (metamucil? bologna? crab cakes?), some skill to offer, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to serving you all beer as soon as possible.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I know I'm a complete nerd about architecture and that's probably why I like this so much, but I thought it was a pretty amazing video and worth sharing:

Also, apparently it is all completely CGI, all the buildings exist but i guess this guy made it all digital? Beats me, i just think its cool.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I didn't know until very recently that Roger Ebert is dying of cancer. It's sad, but the man himself wouldn't want anyone to feel sorry for him.
Without realizing it, I've grown up idolizing Ebert as a journalist and intellectual, and there's a strong possibility that I've read his work more than I've read anyone else's.
Amazingly, a dying man is less embittered and calloused than most film critics. He simply loves movies, and reading him makes me excited about seeing the movies he's seen.

Here's a link to his interview with esquire

And here's his review of Shutter Island

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Dudes in their 20's

Ok, so we are all guys in out 20's and we are all ready to rock and roll. I read this today seeing as it pertains to most of our lives with valentines day coming up and women being farther away than ever. It does not really all apply to us, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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The Who (Before they got much older)

It was strange watching The Who at the super bowl, as it's strange watching any band of near-legend-status getting on stage in their 60's. Even so, I loved it and thought they did well, playing a few of everyone's favorites.
The thing I really love about The Who, what makes me place them above almost any other rock band, is the spirit of youthful rage, joy, and passion which they captured perfectly in their music and is pretty much timeless. Think about their biggest songs: My Generation, Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again. They all embody that spirit, and after forty years, young people and old continue to love these songs.
Roger Daltry is, as I see it, one of the truly great rock vocalists, in with the likes of Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Al Green, and so on. It was clear tonight that he still has the pipes, and so does Pete Townshend for that matter.
So, here's a video from when Keith Moon was still alive, and it gives a better impression of the showmanship and all-around dickery that made The Who such a unique band.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

aliens rap

watch the whole thing, it is worth it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I should be working on architecture...

...but instead I just watched Lost. Don't worry no spoilers. But I do commend to you the insanity of Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly's website, if you've never read him before. And should anyone disagree with Brent's decision to move RUF to accommodate Lost, then they've never seen it before (correct me if I'm worng but would anyone on this blog argue with Brent's decision?).

BTW if you didn't know I'm obsessive and beyond help at this point in my love for this show. I don't care what questions it does or doesn't answer in its final season; I'm just along for the ride to witness the end to the most beautiful show on television (in my opinion).

Here's the link to Doc Jensen's recap/review of the premiere:,,20313460_20341211,00.html

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Edition of Support Your Local Scene

Hey y'all. As I sit in this banal class learning about Gestalt theory I figured that it would be a good time for a blog post seeing as there are some fun things coming up.

Wed. Night the Third: Neil Hamburger at the Pilot Light

Hamburger is insane comedian who will shock and awe with his comedic timing and off color humor. It is at 10 pm and $10. I will most likely be there laughing.

Thursday Night the Fourth: The Royal Bangs and The Whigs at the Bijou

I have blogged a few times about the Bangs. If you have not seen them GO TO THIS SHOW. It will blow you away. They kick serious ass. They are leaving for europe in the next couple of days so go to the show because they won't be back for a while. They are also working on a new ep with which to shop around for a new label so new music hopefully. The other band that is playing is The Whigs. I remember when will mooney let me borrow Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip. It blew my mind. Then seeing them live twice at the world grotto (RIP) was amazing. Their last album Mission Control was another great album. They have a new one coming out in early march so it looks like we may here some new stuff there as well. It is at The Bijou at 8pm and $16.50 at the door. I will be at this one with whoever wants to come with me.

Friday Night The Fifth: First Friday

As some of you may know, the first friday of every month is a fun night because all of the art galleries downtown are open and have FREE wine. The wine is a way to get you there. The best part is to be able to see all of the great visual art that is taking place in knoxville. There are also shows that night. You should go. It is a good time, and free wine.

Saturday Night the Thirteenth: Slick at The Pilot Light

This is BJ Barbee. He kicks some serious ass. I met him a couple of nights over christmas break and had a great time because, come on, just look at him. He is the best. He is also the lead singer of a band called slick. They are fierce 70's cock rock with some new flair. It is going to be wild. I can't wait. I am going to leave the link to their music so that you can see if you are man enough to join. It is at the Pilot Light at 10pm and is $5

Sunday Night the Twenty Eighth: Akron Family at The Pilot Light

Akron Family is a great band that came out with one of my favorite albums of last year Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free. They are playing at the pilot light on the last night of the month. What better way to start our last week of school before spring break than at the pilot light? It is at the Pilot Light at 10pm and is $10.