Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I should be working on architecture...

...but instead I just watched Lost. Don't worry no spoilers. But I do commend to you the insanity of Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly's website, if you've never read him before. And should anyone disagree with Brent's decision to move RUF to accommodate Lost, then they've never seen it before (correct me if I'm worng but would anyone on this blog argue with Brent's decision?).

BTW if you didn't know I'm obsessive and beyond help at this point in my love for this show. I don't care what questions it does or doesn't answer in its final season; I'm just along for the ride to witness the end to the most beautiful show on television (in my opinion).

Here's the link to Doc Jensen's recap/review of the premiere:,,20313460_20341211,00.html

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