Monday, December 22, 2008

pay no mind to the distant thunder

Metallica ---- "Death Magnetic" 

 I put off buying this album for far too long. Metallica's 9th studio release is their best since Black and marks a return to form for metal's sweethearts. Unfortunately, for some time now Metallica has been something of a joke among aficionado crowds. After all, heavy metal sucks. Right? And Metallica is just a bunch of no talent money-grubbers who somehow crawled out of the 80's and have no relevance in music today. Right? Wrong. These guys are still, and always have been, immensely talented musicians who simply have a compulsion towards thrashing. And what's wrong with that? This isn't Fleet Foxes, but it's not simple music either. Take off your callous shell for an hour and give Death Magnetic your full attention. It's adolescent. It's sometimes an uncomfortable listen. It's just a beautiful, demented album.

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