Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So close, so close

Spring Break is almost upon us. While I sit here in my geology lab, the breeze rolls in through the windows, and I just want to be on the beach with the bueys. Friday we will leave, in a glorious caravan to laguna beach, Fl. Hopefully we can make the Panama run in under twelve parsecs! (just kidding a parsec is 31 trillion kilometers) but seriously, I hope that we beat the traffic down there and have a glorious time. I don't care how the weather is. I mean I want it to be sunny and hot, but even if it isn't it will be ok, because I am going to be relaxing with all of my best friends, the bueys. this blog's namesake. We shall dine on much fresh seafood: oysters, crab legs dipped in butter sauce, peel and eat shrimp, fresh blackened grouper, a cookout full of brats, and even a pancake breakfast one morning. I am so excited that I want to not study for my terrible spanish test that I have tomorrow. It is what I have been looking forward to for weeks, finally my hopes will be realized. hopefully they will be fulfilled beyond my wildest expectations. I love you guys and I am very glad that we will get to spend a week relaxing on the beach together. We will get to see a sans-architecture adam for the first time since the beginning of freshman year! I can't even wait. T-bone is coming!

On a sad note, we will miss the three bueys that will be out of country. Dyson, Bing, and House, I want you three to know that you will be sorely missed. I wish that you could all be coming with us and relaxing, but you will have a good time in london. Just know that we all wish that you were with us.

and then there is this again:


  1. speaking of house, somebody needs to send him an invite to the blog

  2. That picture of Dyson and me is incredible. Where is that?

  3. dyson is tiny in that, it looks like honey creek to me, probably that time I wasnt invited.

    also I propose that we change the actual name of the blog to "the buey blog" instead of "happiness is a warm blog" that beatles reference is trying too hard and is much too cool sounding. Maybe its a fitting name for a blog of only WMN band members, but as soon as goobers like me, tbone and galbraith join its gotta be the buey blog.

  4. the trip we went on with delvaux.

  5. Just to prove that Taylor has lost total interest in this group, I am going to make the statement that Taylor Clinton is skaaaaaaaaaaaainry. but most of you probably won't ever see this anyway