Saturday, July 18, 2009

Riddles are gay. Oh well.

A little childish, but I think riddles are fun. If you have heard them don’t ruin it.

You are standing in front of a room with a lightbulb inside of it.
You can not see if it is on or off.
Outside the room there are three switches.

You may turn the swithes anyway you want to.
You stop turning the switches, enter the room and know what switch controls the lightbulb…
How do you do that […]

The man that made me what I am won’t tell
The man knows what I am won’t use me
The man who uses me doesn’t know it

What am I?

The man who made me sells me
The man who bought me won’t use me
The man who uses me doesn’t know it

What am I?

An old king is about to die and he has no offspring to inherit the crown. So he summons the three wisest men from his kingdom and puts them to a test. He tells them that he is about to put them in a room and have his aide put a hat on each of them. Each hat may or may not have a dot on it, but at least one hat will have a dot. They may not touch the hats, nor communicate in any way. The first one that correctly identifies whether his hat has a dot will become the next king. If he is wrong, or if he breaks the rules, he will be killed. Then he sends all three wise men into the room.
The king then tells his aide to put dotted hats on all three.
A few minutes later one of the wise men returns and announces proudly that he has a dot. How did he know?

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