Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carpe Diem

I don't think Phillip wanted his post to turn into a Carpe Diem speech so I have decided to take up the mantle and say what I feel needs to be said. CARPE DIEM. I'm normally one to sit in the shadows and just read these blogs so it takes a lot for me to feel strongly enough to post something. As some of you may or may not know, I have struggled with a severe and disabling depression for two and a half years and am just starting to come out of it in the past week or two. Its almost like being given a new lease on life and everything is new and wonderful again. And this new lease has opened my eyes to a few things around me.
First off, I'm realizing that very few things I stress out about in life are a big deal. If you fail a test, so what? Pick yourself up and take another one. Fail a class? Take it again. I know what I want to do with my life and I'm going to do that. If you don't know what you want to do with your life, so what? Tons of people don't know what they want to do in life and end up alright. Its not a big deal where your going to live next year or how your going to survive a certain class.
The second thing is actually what the whole post it about but live in the moment. I hope I don't come across as arrogant or self pitying but I think I've been through a hell and back for over two years and it has just further cemented into my brain to seize the moment and live for the day. Enjoy the fact that you can walk to your classes. Enjoy the fact that you can jump and play volleyball. Enjoy the fact that you can watch a sunset. Enjoy the fact that you can taste, feel, touch, and hear. I don't know if my depression will be back tomorrow, next week, next year or if it will ever come back. But I am determined to live every day to the fullest and enjoy it to its fullest.
My final thought is to thank all of you as my friends and being grateful for your friendship. Friendship is one of the few things that I believe to be a big deal.


  1. so basically what i gathered from that was, carpe volleyball, hopefully we'll only have to wait a couple of weeks to do so. I would like to take this opportunity to propose my idea of a volleyball teams this semester: Gorman, Dyson, Galbraith, Herron, and Me, with farley as our alternate/bearded mascot/will rock out with shredtastic guitar riffs during our games. If that offends you then you take intramural volleyball too seriously. Of course its not up to me to decide teams, but i just thought i would throw it out there. Sorry for the digression from your post Gorman, I love what you had to say and I have more respect for you than you know.

    Love your bro, Justin

  2. Also I take intramural volleyball to seriously a lot of the time

  3. I am in. Love it. gorman. this post rocks the casbah. love you buey. but seriously. volleyball.

  4. gorman thanks for sharing brother