Monday, February 9, 2009

Tis the Season...

...for a sweaty grundle. Yes, sadly it is true. The warm weather has made its way up from the tropics and the earth’s orbit and tilt are slowly turning closer to the sun. The warmer and moister the air, the more perspiration goes down near brown town. I made the mistake of wearing pants today; well it wasn't exactly a mistake because this morning it was around 40 degrees, a little chill for my shorts. When my 3-hour studio class let out at 12 I knew I was in for a sweaty time. Fortunately I got a ride to Shelbourne with a friend so I avoided the chance of a sweaty grundle, for now at least. I walk to my second class after grabbing a quick lunch and I cursed myself for not changing clothes. I was starting to get sweaty and I took of my jacket, quickly realizing that this would not suffice. Having class in the basement of HBB is like having class in a sauna. It is warmer down there and with the aid of 20 or so bodies it creates a sweaty sauna-like effect. After sweating through an hour-long class I anticipate the cool breeze of the outdoors on my face and chest (not bare, mind you). To my dismay, I get outside and feel no cool air of any sort. The weather is so mild and moist that my grundle lets out a silent curse at the sun. Having to walk down to the strip to get to Walgreens did not make the situation better. To save the sweaty details, I got back to my apartment with some slightly damp boxers and immediately changed into some non-sweaty clothes. Why grundle, why do you have to sweat so much. I think it is time to retire the jeans until the arctic chill comes again.

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