Friday, February 13, 2009

The most effective way to get to the front.

For most of us, excluding four, valentine's day will be full of loneliness. It will be a day where I sleep late and lay around all day. While some people will be getting ready for a fun night of lovin' with their ladies, I will be sitting at home watching 50 First Dates 3 or 4 times. I will sit around bored, that is until night time. Saturday night The Features will be playing a show at World Grotto. If you haven't been to World Grotto, that is enough reason to go in itself. It looks like a cave. You go down steps and enter a cavern world full of beer and music. If you have been you can attest to the excellence of the room. The Features are great. They hail from Nashville, or home to all but two of us. 3/4 of the band works at Grimey's (don't hate of Grimey's). They are a great band live. If you have not listened to them before I would recommend checking out the Contrast EP, but their two other full length albums are great too. I look forward to seeing them play some of the new material, GMF in particular. So if you want to come, I will be there. It's going to be a really good show. My last bid to get you to come is that the World Grotto attracts a strange crowd, as do The Features. The last time I saw them I was front row. The lead singer has a great voice live, it was cool to be up close watching. After a bit some charlatans who had imbibed a little too much slid up behind me. Then began the awkward ritual of a girl trying to grind on you so that you will let her in front of you. It sucks. It is the most cruel move in all concert going. I felt a hand slide across my stomach, up to my chest, and I threw it off of me. She took that moment to slide right in along the side of me and get in front. She continued to dance and I hung my head. I had lost, she had grinded me out of the front. I retired to the back of the venue to just watch. Did I mention that she was 30? So if you like grinding with 30 year old women, come on saturday to the World Grotto.

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