Monday, February 2, 2009

Growing Up (Thanks For Reading)

It is quite amazing the depth of knowledge and thought that finds itself pooled here. I tend to wonder what I might add that resembles originality. Perhaps a few thoughts will suffice.

I was recently asked to describe my college career in a word or two (yes, by Brent). It did not take too much thinking to get past the cliche "roller coaster" and arrive at the slightly less cliche title of this post.

Rarely do I remember what I learned in class, and this at first was very discouraging to me, but I realized that it is all a part of me growing up and learning how to think. When I graduate, I may be able to offer a bit of knowledge from class, but it will mostly be knowledge from living life. Even beyond ideas like responsibility, time management, and how to write, I think I am learning in many ways that I suck/don't know everything, there are thousands of other ideas that I can learn from, and change is very possible. I get to experience real people first hand and understand that relationships are hard but valuable. I have thought more than once how thankful I am to have screwed up relationships here where I can actually learn from my mistakes before I enter into more permanent relationships. I can try new things, travel, make mistakes, and work random jobs in ways that I will probably never get to do again.

So this is not so much a carpe diem sort of thing; it is more a written realization that there are so many facets through which to grow that only exist in this strange and small window, and I feel both drawn and obligated to take advantage. This blog is the perfect example. We can learn new ideas on music and movies, be inspired to be part of a literary undertaking, and just share how we are growing up.

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